Saturday, October 26, Sam Baker

Sam Baker’s songs evoke a wistfulness and melancholy that takes the listener to a place that might be uncomfortable at times, but touches your heart at all times ”

— Bill Bowker, KRSH Radio


Olive Street House Concerts presents Sam Baker live on the stage of the historic Colonial Fox Theatre. 


Make reservations to attend this Listening Room show by clicking on the donation button. We suggest  a minimum donation of $15, times the number of seats you wish to reserve (i.e. $15 x 2 seats = $30).  We confirm all reservations by email. The "Make a Donation"  button remains on the artist's page until all seats are reserved.    You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours.

A Sam Baker show is a celebration. Some songs tell of everyday people who survive life’s daily challenges; others are stories of growing up in a small Texas prairie town. In 1986 Sam got in the middle of someone else’s war. When a terrorist bomb exploded in his train car, he went from being a young, healthy, tourist enjoying Peru with friends to a broken man surrounded by death and dying. Given his injuries, he too should have died. But through a series of miracles and coincidences he survived.  

Sam feels compelled to tell his story—through his music, art, or any means possible—to one person at a time, or to thousands from a festival stage.