Sat. Oct. 23, Smokey & the Mirror

Let's celebrate the changing season with an out-door patio concert!

Make reservations to attend this show  show by clicking on the donation button. We suggest a minimum donation of  $20 per person. 100 percent of your gift goes to the musicians. The donate button remains visible as long as seats are available. You will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours.

Bernice and Bryan Hembree have so much chemistry and musical talent it's ridiculous. It's the perfect complement of a female and male vocal. She has the soothing, higher-pitched voice, and his is that of a weary traveler. 

After being sidelined from performing for months due to the pandemic, Bernice and Bryan worked tirelessly to create a safety net to help feed Fayetteville musicians and artists during their most challenging times. Serving more than 130 unique musician households in Northwest Arkansas in 2020, Fayetteville Roots has distributed over 21,124 servings via 1,657 meals care packages. On a weekly basis, each care package represents approximately $60 that a musician doesn’t have to spend on groceries, stretching their savings during these uncertain times.

Additionally, they restarted a post-pandemic version of the beloved Fayetteville Roots Music Festival; and have worked to bring light and healing surrounding Tulsa's tragic and formerly untold history. Now, they are back on the road doing what they love the most...pointing their Sprinter van toward towns around the country and delivering their unique music and stories to live audiences.