Looking to the Future...

Hi Friends,

We are committed to the safety of our musical family, audience and the performers. Regardless of where we are in the national pandemic vaccine process, it is safe to say that social distancing and masking are here to stay through most of 2021, and to resume hosting house concerts in a space such as ours may not be ideal.

Instead we’re exploring different paths to continue.


We have identified several local locations that would be conducive for safe small stage shows. We envision with some minor format changes we can produce a concert in these spaces while maintaining appropriate social distancing and other Covid-19 mitigation practices.


These new shows will look and feel different than past shows. Depending on the venue, the seat price may need to be adjusted or the number of people attending adjusted. Shoulder-to-shoulder social hours and the potluck dinner may fall away to socially distanced, assigned seating, with a face mask required.  But in the end, there will be live music… in the most intimate format we can safely deliver it.


We hold your friendship and personal safety in the highest regard. Please do not confuse the reopening of our society as a signal that this threat has passed and will not return. Remain cautious. Protect your health, and remain hopeful and please, stay in touch for updates.  Our best to you, for these many years of supporting live music.  


Until the next show, rob&carol